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additive masterbatch

additive masterbatches


SOLTEX incorporates one of the best in-class technologies to produce their additive masterbatches with highest levels of consistency catering to a wide range of applications and functionalities



of Additive Masterbatches

  • Polymer processing aids.
  • Antistatic masterbatch
  • Anti oxidant masterbatch
  • Anti fog masterbatch
  • Anti block masterbatch
  • Anti Scratch masterbatch
  • Fast slip masterbatch
  • Slip masterbatch
  • Optical brightner masterbatch
  • Oxobiodegradable masterbatch
  • Calrifying agent masterbatch
  • Nucleating Masterbatch
  • Blowing Agent
  • Flame retardant masterbatch
  • Dessicant masterbatch
  • Purging Compound
additive masterbatches

process applications

masterbatch for raffia


masterbatch for extrusion coating

extrusion coating

masterbatch for films


masterbatch for bopp


masterbatch for injection molding

Injection Molding

masterbatch for blow molding

Blow Molding

masterbatch for non-wovens


masterbatch for multi-filaments


masterbatch for thermo-forming


masterbatch for pipes


PE/PP Carrier Additive Master Batches

Sr. no Product. grade code carrier resin Recommended Application
1 Processing Aid PPA-2000 PE
2 Processing Aid PPA-3000 PE
3 Processing Aid PPA-4000 PE
4 Anti Static Mb ASM-112 PE
5 Anti Oxidant Mb AOM-111 PE
6 Anti Fog Mb AFM-120 PE
7 Anti Microbial Mb AFM-130 PE
8 Anti Block Mb AFM-140 PE
9 Fast Slip Mb SLP - 100 PE
10 Slip Mb SLP - 200 PE
11 Optex Mb 1110-E PE
12 Optex (M) Mb 1110-M PE
13 Clarifying Agent CFA PP
14 Blowing Agent BAM-150 PE
15 Flame Retardants FRM-160 PP/PE
16 Desiccant Mb DSC-150 PE
17 Purging Compound PRG-155 PE